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To continuously challenge ourselves at every level by building a stronger foothold in the market and to be driven to achieve success through perseverance and hard work.

Our Leaders
Haresh Dadlani – Been part of industry for almost two decades. With immense experience in trading and finance, Mr. Haresh Dadlani has been an integral part of the company. He has used his extensive knowledge and experience of the industry to his and our complete advantage. His leadership qualities are commendable and most inspiring.

Nari Dadlani – Founder and current Senior Director of the company with more than 50 years of experience is making “tailor made” financing products. Moreover, he has been into trading a variety of products from ranging garments to sundries to electronics. He continues to be a pillar for our organization. His work culture and ideas influence and motivate all team members to be more efficient & effective.

Our Team
We have a team of well qualified and skilled personnel working tirelessly towards achieving targets and being the best at what they do. All team members maintain a specified code of conduct and are willing to assist each other for better efficacy of the business. The work ethics that have been inculcated shows in the work they do and the duties they perform with efficiency. We ensure that all members go through the intensive training structure for better learning and implementation of techniques.

Why Us?
We believe in employing working techniques and being proficient to the effect that all goals are reached to offer us a strong platform amidst all competitors and goodwill in the market. The advantages of associating with us are:
-High quality products
-Adequate storage facilities
-State of the art infrastructure
-Skilled and qualified team members
-Ethical working environment